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From Father David Wheeler

Welcome to St. Wilfrid's Parish Church at the heart of Pool-in-Wharfedale. We are in the Church of England's Diocese of Leeds within the Episcopal area of Ripon

Our purpose is to worship God the Father, through the Son, by the power of The Holy Spirit and serve this community as best we can.

The church building is late Victorian and we think it important to value our heritage, our history and believe that knowing these things helps us begin to understand our own identity.


The history of Pool's families is embedded here with numerous people having been involved in the life of the church over a number of generations, as well as being baptised, married and buried here. The war memorial reminds us of those young men who were taken away from here, many, never to return. 

Given the above, it is not surprising that St Wilfrid's is loved and cherished by many.

However, although we value the past we have a busy church life now! Our activities include:

  • Sunday Worship including traditional and contemporary usage.

  • Messy Church is held in partnership with Pool Methodist Church.

  • We pray, have a Bible study group and hold Quiet Days and other reflective activities.

  • We celebrate baptisms, marriages and conduct funerals with and for the people of Pool and Arthington, and those who have had close connections with s in the past.

  • Communion Services are held in Wharfedale Court, the local housing facility for older people.

  • We hold a regular coffee morning.

  • We have close involvement with Pool (C of E ) School through assemblies in church and school, the governing body and volunteer readers.

  • As Christians, our members are engaged in the work of a number of national and local charities.

  • To ensure we look beyond we have a close formal link through giving money and goods to St. George's Crypt (the Leeds centre for those with a variety of needs including mental health problems, homelessness, poverty and addictions).

  • We are a church which is a long way from pefection but if you wanted to put your toe in the water you might like to come along (being assured of a warm welcome), see how we are, and help us on the journey.